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Summary of fault of short circuit of automotive water jet motor to ground circuit
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Skoda Ming Ming 1.8TSI car engine spray motor failure notice lights up, speeding up a slight rush.

Fault phenomenon: A 2010 Volkswagen Skoda Mingrui 1.8 TSI sedan, the user reported that the automotive sprinkler motor fault warning lights on, acceleration slight intrusion.

Fault summary: Because the vehicle uses the onboard network control unit, when the control power line to the ground short circuit, the automobile spray motor will take protective measures. If the circuit is based on a separate relay, it may take a detour. If the light bulb monitored by J519 is damaged, the light bulb will not turn on after replacing, as long as the light switch is turned off and turned on again, it will return to normal. It can be seen that the modern automobile technology is developing constantly, and we must continue to learn.