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What are the connections between automotive sprinkler motors and cylinder breaking?
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There are many reasons for the failure of automotive sprinkler motors. This paper analyzes the test run after clearing the fault code. It is found that when the speed exceeds 60km/h, the vehicle will occasionally make a slight break. Return to station check, the device still prompts the same fault code. Then we changed the ignition coil and spark plug of the second cylinder, and the test run showed that the third cylinder was off-fire. The pressure of 4 cylinders is measured, and the pressure values of each cylinder are about 12MPa.

In general, there are many reasons for causing the cylinder to break off fire. Such as ignition timing is not correct, spark plug jump abnormal, injector fuel injection abnormal, cylinder pressure abnormal, low intake efficiency, low exhaust efficiency and damage to important electronic components. However, considering that the car is a single cylinder off-fire, the author suspects that the injector fuel injection is not normal or the possibility of poor circuit connection is greater.

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